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The only way to lose weight is to get into the habit of taking in less energy than you expend. This forces the body to turn to its fat stores for energy. This can be achieved by either (1) reducing energy (food) intake or (2) increasing energy output. Combining the two obviously yields the most rapid results, as well as improving overall toning and health.
As far as the reducing energy intake part goes; this essentially means avoiding fats, refined sugars & alcohol and increasing intake of high fibre vegetables and fruits. However, this is MUCH EASIER SAID, THAN DONE!
The biggest problem most people have is that the special, healthy, leafy, mid morning snacks recommended by most eating plan orientated weight loss organizations are time consuming to prepare and therefore become a burden. As a result they are abandoned before long and things go back to where they were!
This is where FiT SlimElite™ comes in! Fit SlimElite™ has an exclusive “lite” formula which is designed to cope with this trauma by providing a tasty, nutritious, instant, low calorie, balanced substitute for the typical high calorie, high fat / high sugar “junk foods” that are the cause of most people’s weight problems. In other words it makes it easier to stick to a controlled eating plan. In addition it also helps reduce hunger pangs, assists with resisting snacking, speeds up the metabolism and helps prevent fat deposition.


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