A supplement that offers complete support for strength building and muscle toning fitness programmes. This new generation meal replacement formula includes FiT Active Metabolic Enhancers.

Modern lifestyles make it difficult for most people to eat balanced, quality meals. This is worse for anyone with higher nutritional demands (e.g.; athletes), and those who have limited training time and therefore need to extract the maximum improvement out of each session. The two MetabElite formulas are both superior quality, performance orientated Meal Replacements for rapid muscle development & energy boosting during and after strenuous exercise. Formulated with FiT’s highly bio-available, low-fat, sequential breakdown, multi-protein blend, complex carbohydrates, Omega essential fatty acids (EFA’s), vitamins & minerals, plus proteolytic enzymes, prebiotics, anti-oxidants, adaptogens & electrolytes. They both help to accelerate metabolism and support high intensity training needs.

FiT MetabElite 40™ is especially suited to athletes or individuals with high energy as well as high strength demands.


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