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FiT DuraTrain is a pre & post-exercise recovery accelerator.

By using an optimized meal replacement product such as FiT DuraTrain™ immediately after training can assist and accelerate recovery between exercise sessions, enabling more frequent training, greater improvement and less likelihood of slipping into the vicious downward spiral of “over-training syndrome”. This will also help preserve muscle mass, is especially significant in terms of preventing immune system depression and resultant health dangers.

FiT DuraTrain™ is not only for post-exercise use, it can also be used as an excellent “light” breakfast before an early morning ride or exercise session. This tops off glycogen reserves that will have been slightly depleted since the last main meal (usually the night before) and helps stabilize pre-exercise blood sugar levels preventing hunger pangs during the event.



One thought on “FiT DuraTrain

  1. Janet

    Wow! Awesome tasting product and believe me it works!

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