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This advanced training drink formula replenishes and maintains Glycogen stores and offers a full multi-vitamin complex to help maintain health.

FiT CarboTrain™ is an efficient, pleasant tasting, easily assimilated, high value powder drink developed especially to prevent cumulative glycogen depletion while simultaneously supporting the immune system by including a full complement of electrolytes, vitamins, MSM, L-Glutamine & L-Taurine. Immune system support is an especially important feature for any athlete.

FiT CarboTrain™ may be used daily on an indefinite basis without developing a “tolerance” factor to specialised performance enhancing ingredients (e.g. herbs) as contained in some other products. FiT CarboTrain™ is suitable for pre race “carbo loading”.

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3 thoughts on “FiT CarboTrain

  1. Stefan

    Nice product. Gets me through my daily training!

  2. F.J.Venter

    Excellent product. Keeps me going when the going gets tough!

  3. floris

    Excellent product! Keeps me going when the going gets tough!

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