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This extreme endurance fuel is the most complete energy and hydration drink offering a full multi-vitamin complex to help maintain health as well as maximise endurance and recovery with sequential CHO Energy Release.

FiT CarboSupreme™ is an “ALL-IN-ONE” race drink / meal which, if drunk continuously during training or racing at the recommended rate, will continually provide all the water, carbohydrates, minerals (plus other physiological support) you will need for maximum performance and endurance, preventing “bonking” & making any additional supplementation (including normal water and solid carbohydrates) largely unnecessary. FiT CarboSupreme™ is formulated with a unique blend of carbohydrates (including fructose, dextrose and other maltodextrins) designed to give “Sequential Rate Carbohydrate Release” for both instant energy conversion and longer-term sustained energy release. FiT CarboSupreme™ has the added advantage that energy release and blood sugar levels are regulated and maintained for a much longer period. In addition FiT CarboSupreme™ helps to conserve glycogen stores by assisting with the breakdown of fats (normally an inefficient source of energy), so that they are readily available in the bloodstream as FFA’s (free fatty acids) and therefore easily accessible for rapid energy conversion.

FiT CarboSupreme™ also contains a full complement of Minerals, Multi Vitamins, Anti-oxidants, Amino Acids and Electrolytes to assist cell hydration, help prevent cramping, accelerate muscle recovery, and continually support and strengthen the immune system. It also contains a small dose of herbal caffeine which helps to metabolize fats, reduce the effects of heat stress and improve mental concentration.



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